by Pierre-Antoine MONTEZ EIRL

Specialized in b2b technical translation in:
Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence - Cyber Security - Telecoms

Pierre-Antoine MONTEZ


Pierre-Antoine is a French IT Engineer (UTBM 2013) and professional translator. He has spent 3 years working as an IT engineer in the field of digital security, smart cards, drones, network and telecommunication. Since 2014 Pierre-Antoine has been focusing his efforts on highly technical IT documents – he has translated documents for several "Fortune 500" tech companies via specialised agencies, and also for small and mid-size businesses directly. Pierre-Antoine does EN->FR translations, but over time he has also developed a network of technical translators specialised in computer science with the EN->FR, DE->FR, IT->FR, ES->FR, PL->FR, CZ->FR and CN->FR language pairs.

PROZ Membership
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Société française des traducteurs




English to French Translation

By choosing Pierre-Antoine as your translator, with his French engineering background, you can be sure that your IT technical documents will be completely understood. A strict quality assurance process is performed, and, depending on the budget, the work may also be reviewed by additional specialised translators.

Translation Project Management

Pierre-Antoine offers a one stop translation service, thus removing the need to find and manage several specialised translators, or to settle with a generalist translation agency. Pierre-Antoine will manage all of your translation projects from A to Z, in almost all language pairs, with the help of his International network of professionals, specialised in IT technical translations.

Highly Confidential Translation

For the translation of highly confidential documents, advanced methods of secured communication, data protection and deletion are available.


words of IT translations in 2017


clients with high level IT translation requirements


additional languages can be handled via Pierre's network


‘four nines’ of reliability


IT documents translated in 2017


years of experience, exclusively in IT translation


single contact point for all your IT translations




CRM, Accounting Software, Mobile Apps, Cloud-based services, Internet, e-Commerce

Telecoms & networks

Architecture, Configuration of Routers, Protocols, Hardware

Cyber security

Privacy, Encryption, Virtualisation, Port scanning, Firewalls, Endpoint protection

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Neural Networks, Classifiers, Statistical Learning

User manuals, UI interface, Websites, Landing pages, Mail-outs, Newsletters, Articles, Brochures, Technical Documentation, Specifications, Calls for Tenders, Reports, CVs


Agencies Pierre-Antoine works with

Translation Client 1 Translation Client 2 Translation Client 3 Translation Client 4 Translation Client 5 Translation Client 6 Translation Client 7 Translation Client 8 Translation Client 9 Translation Client 10


Example of Translation Projects

Sector Document Words Details
Artificial Intelligence Booklet 50,000 A complete book of 50,000 words on the application of AI and deep learning methods in the cyber security domain
Cloud solution User manual 20,000 End-to-end software solution designed to help businesses increase customer engagement
Cyber security Internal document 30,000 Training in internal security management, communication, data and access policies
IT automation User manual 35,000 Business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence (AI) workers.
IT hardware Brochure 7,000 Brochure for a digital pen, an input device which captures the handwriting of a user and converts it into digital data.
Security Internal communication 5,000 Internal communication for an end-to-end service provider of physical and virtual asset protection solutions.
Telecom User manual 60,000 User manual concerning radio-communication devices in use in the domain of public transportation.
Software User manual 20,000 User manual and technical details concerning different kinds of printers and their functionalities.
Software User manual 60,000 User manual concerning an enterprise resource planning software (ERP).
Software User manual 45,000 User manual concerning a customer communications management (CCM) software.
Software User manual 10,000 User manual concerning a Cloud-based project management software.

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